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Do You Feel:

  • Stressed?
  • Restless?
  • Unfocused?
  • Uneasy?
  • Exhausted?

Maybe You Lack Sufficient:

  • General Blood Flow
  • Supply of Oxygen
  • Supply of Nutrients
  • Disposal of Waste
  • Cardiac Function

Micro vessels (aka capillaries) are the vast network (equiv. of 75 miles) that exists within our body to carry blood, oxygen & nutrients.

Insufficient oxygen in the cells is thought to be the root cause of most illnesses.

74% of our circulation comprises from microcirculation of capillary blood flow!



The body’s circulatory system ensures the survival of the organism by facilitating metabolism in each and every cell. This helps maintain self-regulatory mechanisms. First, blood transports oxygen from the lungs to the cells and exchanges it for carbon dioxide to be removed as waste. Second, it transports nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates, or proteins from the digestive tract to the individual tissues where they can be consumed, processed, or stored as needed.

The resultant metabolic waste products, are then transported to other tissues and finally to the excretory organs such as the kidneys and colon. In addition, blood distributes hormones, immune cells, and other signaling molecules. The human body’s circulatory system is essential for providing the raw materials needed for energy production as well as physical and mental performance. Cells rely on the blood to deliver and remove what they need in order to perform their essential functions.



Only good, functional circulation ensures proper supply of nutrients and oxygen
as well as proper waste removal within the body. This is fundamental for
all metabolic processes. On this basis, it is clear what a critical role the circulatory
system plays in overall health and well-being.


This video shows how sluggish circulation can become due to the strain of our every-day lives.



A different body part on which the BEMER-Signal has been applied gives a completely different picture.



What Can BEMER Do For You?

  • Better General Blood Flow
  • Enhanced Nutrition & Oxygen Supply
  • Sleep Management
  • Enhanced Cardiac Function
  • Increased Physical Fitness & Endurance
  • Better Concentration
  • Stress Reduction & Relaxation
  • Anti-Aging

Go here for more information or to purchase a Bemer.

Want to see firsthand what the Bemer is and experience it for yourself? Call 352-243-3588 to schedule your FREE Bemer session.

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