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The interest in Essential Oils and Aromatherapy has grown tremendously over the past few years.  We have had an Aromatherapy Bar in our shop and offered custom blends long before most people knew (or were interested in) what Aromatherapy and Essential Oils were.

As the market has grown, there are so many brands of Essential Oils and it is hard to tell what is good and what is not so good.  Not all Essential Oils are created equal and from the very beginning, we have always offered the purest oils available and classes to demonstrate the proper use and safety of the oils we sell.  We are happy to say that this has not changed!

We highly advocate learning about any oils you are selecting for yourself and your family.  Do you know the company they are coming from?  Do they offer training on how to safely use their oils?  Do they recommend uses for their oils that are controversial (or dangerous)?  Do you know where the plants come from and how they are cultivated?  Do you know how the oils are extracted and processed.  Do you know where this happens?

100% Pure Essential Oils are 100x more potent than the plant itself.  So, don’t you think these are all important questions to have answered when you are looking to purchase and use your Essential Oils?

That is why we have always carried Nature’s Sunshine 100% Pure Essential Oils!


Essential oils are most effective when in their authentic, natural state. When NSP began offering essential oils more than 15 years ago, they discovered many competitive oils on the market had been altered, standardized and enhanced for flavor, fragrance and economic advantage.   Nature’s Sunshine raised the bar. They guarantee that their oils are 100% authentic.  Click here to learn more about NSP’s Authentic Oils:  Why NSP Authentic Oils?

NSP has always provided only the purest and highest quality products available. Their dedication to the highest standard of Quality and Purity of ALL their products is among the best available on the market.  We have carried NSP in our shop for over 16 years and look forward to another 16 years of offering only the highest Quality and Purity products available!

Interested in learning more about Nature’s Sunshine and the products they offer?

Visit our shop at 702 West Montrose Street, Clermont, Fl  or Click here:  Nature’s Sunshine Products  

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