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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Clermont

Custom Therapeutic Massage

Combination of deep tissue and relaxation techniques customized to meet your specific needs. 55 min. $65, or 80 min. $95

Swedish Massage

A relaxing, gentle touch massage to reduce tension, increase blood circulation and help relieve stress. 55 min. $60 or 80 min. $90

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Intensive deep penetrating massage designed for individuals wanting more detailed body work on specific muscle groups. A wonderful relief for stress related tension and muscle tightness. 55 min. $70 or 80 min. $105

Couples Massage

Experience side by side treatments in our room for two. Enjoy custom massages as relaxing scents of lavender or mandarin are diffused.  55 min. $140

Signature Treatment: Ultimate Relaxation Massage

Our signature spa treatment! Feet gently washed with lavender water and massaged with hydrating lotion. Hands are pampered with nourishing Shea Butter. Deep tissue massage techniques are applied to neck, shoulders and back to release tension and stress in addition to a full body relaxation massage.  85 min. $100

Aromatherapy Massage

De-stress your body and mind with layers of aromatherapy. A relaxing serum applied to pressure points on the face; an invigorating scalp massage, hands and arms massage, full body Swedish massage ending with warm lavender towel back treatment. 80 min. $120

Exotic Lime & Ginger Salt Exfoliation & Massage

Exfoliate the skin promoting a healthy glow with a light body brushing with warm lime & ginger oil drizzled luxuriously all over your body, finishing with a relaxing massage to complete your treatment.  85 min. $100

CranioSacral Treatment

Light touch technique works deep throughout the body to relieve tension and free restrictions including the central nervous system. This gentle approach allows the body to self-correct and release unwanted stress and pain allowing for a greater sense of well-being and deep relaxation. 25 min. $40 or 55 min. $75

Muscular & Joint Pain Relief Treatment

Combination of massage techniques and botanicals to relieve muscle fatigue, soreness, pain, discomfort and joint related issues such as arthritis, bursitis and tendonitis.  55 min. $75

Fibromyalgia Massage

Gentle, customized massage with special fibromyalgia relief botanical oil blend to relieve pain, discomfort and fatigue, enhancing overall vitality, energy, mood and mobility. 55 min. $75

Hot Stone Massage

Experience a deeper sense of relaxation.  Hot stones are heated to a pleasing warmth and applied to tired muscles with nourishing oils during a full-body massage. 80 min $120

NEW!!!  LuminEssence FaceLifting Massage

Relax and enjoy a combination of massage therapy, lymphatic drainage and acupressure points. Coupled with a full body massage, the “facelifting” treatment assists in regenerating collagen and elastin tissue; helping to tighten, tone and firm your skin. 80 min. $100

Headache & Sinus Treatment

Neck, back, shoulder and foot massage with a custom blend of essential oils catered to specific pressure points on the body, historically known to help alleviate pain associated with headaches, migraines and sinus congestion.  55 min. $75

Lymphatic Drainage

Light touch techniques used to stimulate and drain the lymphatic system. Great for puffiness and swelling. 25 min. $35 or 55 min. $65


A light touch technique used to stimulate various organs and body systems. Beneficial for overall well-being. 25 min. $35 or 55 min. $65

Pregnancy Massage

Total relaxation for expectant moms. A great shower gift! This treatment helps relieve backaches, sore legs and prenatal anxiety. Not available during first trimester. Please consult physician prior to massage. 55 min $75

Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage

25 min. – $40

Solely Splendid Foot Treatment

Begin with a relaxing foot wash followed by an exfoliating scrub and therapeutic massage to rejuvenate the feet. Great for those on their feet all day. 25 min.  $35

Healthy Hands Rejuvenating Treatment

Enjoy a revitalizing hand wash followed by an invigorating exfoliation, rejuvenating mask and hydrating moisturizer massaged gently onto the hands. 25 min. $35

Solely Spendid Foot & Healthy Hands Combo

55 min. $65

Teen Spa Treatment

A fun gift for our younger clients and a super way for parents to spend quality time with their teenager. The treatment includes a mini relaxation massage and lavender and jojoba scalp treatment. 25 min. $30


OUR MOST POPULAR PACKAGE: Herb Shoppe Rejuvenator

Enjoy this popular day spa package! Includes a Swedish relaxation massage and Eminence Organic Custom facial personalized to meet your needs. Arrive early for some herbal tea. 110 min. – $120  (add on the solely splendid foot & healthy hand treatment combo during your facial for $55)


Celebrate those special moments in your life by indulging with this special package! We start out by preparing you a Custom Aromatherapy Blend (25 min). This blend is then used during your Custom Therapeutic Massage (55 min). Afterwards, Enjoy a transforming Eminence Organic Custom Facial plus Rosehip C&E Triple Firming Treatment (55 min) and Solely Splendid Foot & Hand Treatment during the facial. 135 min, $265.00

Herb Shoppe Stress Buster Spa Package 

3 Hours of pampering beginning with a Custom Aromatherapy Blend (30 min) to be used during your massage.   Then relax and unwind with the Ultimate Relaxation Massage (80 min), Peppermint Stix Scalp Treatment (15 min), Solely Splendid Foot & Healthy Hand Treatment Combo during an Eminence Organic Custom Facial (55 min)   180 min, $285.00


Enjoy a customized therapeutic massage including Eminence Organic Apricot oil, warm towels and essential oils. 85 min $100

Blueberry Slimming Body Wrap

This firming and hydrating body wrap stimulates circulation to refine and strengthen the appearance of your skin’s structure.  Skin appears firmer, soft & supple with the appearance of increased elasticity and a youthful looking glow.  60 min $100.

Mango Enzyme Body Wrap

Active enzymes and vitamins in this body wrap infuse your skin with hydration and gently exfoliate to leave a refreshed look. Key ingredients: Mango, Pineapple, Carrot oil & Lemon for a boost of antioxidants!  60 min $100

Herbal Cellulite Treatment

Regenerating and toning body wrap that helps increase the appearance of elasticity. Paprika and stinging nettle help stimulate and energize the appearance of skin for a healthy looking glow, while honey nourishes and hydrates. Add on to any wrap $20

Massage Add-On Specialties (to any 55 minute session):

Healthy Hand Treatment – 25 min. $30

Solely Splendid Foot Treatment25 min. $30

Solely Spendid Foot & Healthy Hands Combo – 50 min $55

Lymphatic Drainage – 25 min. $30

Peppermint Stix Scalp Treatment – 15 min. $15

Warm jojoba & peppermint oil massaged into scalp, releasing tension and stress. (or lavender substitute)

Reflexology – 25 min. $30

Stress Relief Combination – $7

Enhance your treatment as warm aromatic towels are wrapped around your feet & hands during your massage, ending with a warm towel on your back.

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